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Hooked on Nutrition

Just two years after opening her first business in Salem, Marinda Robtoy is planning to open Hooked Nutrition in Marblehead on June 10.

Robtoy is currently in the process of adding new floors, plumbing, and appliances to her new location on Pleasant Street, which will be filled with everything necessary to make healthy, nutritional drinks for the community. She is more than hooked, and eager to open in Marblehead.

“I’m very excited!” Robtoy said. “I do think we have a lot of really great things to offer. I know it’s a very active community as it is … lots of dog walking, and people are always running and walking, and I just feel like this will be a great addition to everything that Marblehead stands for.”

At Hooked Nutrition, Robtoy will be offering meal-replacement shakes and energizing teas made with Herbalife Nutrition products.

“We focus a lot on doing wellness profiles on people,” said Robtoy. “We do a lot of one-on-one consultations for people who have a health and wellness goal, and of course we have the grab-and-go protein coffees, [and a] kids’ drink that is super fun, hydrating, and caffeine-free. There is a diverse menu and lots of flavors.”

Despite the controversies that have overshadowed Herbalife Nutrition over the years, Robtoy stands behind the quality of the global nutrition company’s products using her own personal experience as an example for those looking for successful transformational results.

Robtoy says her own story — over 10 years of using Herbalife Nutrition before, during, and after her pregnancy, and losing about 50 pounds — is proof of the positive outcomes of the products.

“We are an open book as far as coming to the shop,” said Robtoy. “We allow people to read labels, and we offer suggestions if they have any specific dietary needs or intolerances.”

“I don’t try to sell anyone. I just share my story,” Robtoy added. “I have really great personal results. Three years in the product, through weight loss, gaining muscle, and just living an overall healthier lifestyle. I’ve helped hundreds of clients do the same.”

At Hooked Nutrition, ample and diverse options of healthy drinks will be available with added vitamins and minerals, along with options for children.

Robtoy said she is not sure if she will add food options such as protein balls or waffles to the menu in the future, but she will focus on the needs of the Marblehead Community.

“It’s about community,” said Robtoy. “You feel-out your community and see what’s best for them and you kind of pivot your menu based on that.”

Robtoy said she knew she wanted to open her second business in Marblehead because of the sense of community the town offers.

“I liked the idea of how community-based it was. How small it is, how safe it is,” she said.

Robtoy is already involved in community impact, and plans for Hooked Nutrition to be a part of fundraising events in schools and for families in crisis. She would also like to collaborate with nonprofits like SPUR in the future.