The doctor is in

Stephen Bach, owner of Digital Docs, works on a MacBook that he will refurbish and sell at the fraction of the cost of a new computer. Photo by Spenser Hasak

Did you just spill a glass of water on your computer? Or did you click on a link and a virus infiltrated your desktop? Are you panicking wondering if you’ll have to buy a new one? Well, fret no more because Marblehead’s The Digital Docs can help you.

Stephen Bach, owner of Digital Docs at 157 Elm St., said the business offers everything from “A to Z.” At The Digital Docs you can get help with water damage, virus and scam damage, data recovery, network installations, and more.

The Digital Docs began 23 years ago when Bach was working at the Jewish Community Center of the North Shore. One day, his computer was having issues.

“Being an entrepreneur, when something isn’t working you want to get fixed right away,” Bach said. “they said ‘we’ll call the computer guys they’ll be here sometime this afternoon.’”

Bach didn’t want to wait until the afternoon for it to be fixed. Instead, he figured out how to do it himself. He has always loved fixing things and even worked on cars for a few years.

“I just started tinkering and learning and doing different things. It got my sense back of being able to fix things and do things with my hands without getting them dirty in a garage,” Bach said. “So I did it for a few years and then I was at home and I said, ‘I’m getting really good at this, I’m gonna just start seeing what I can do.’ ”

In the beginning, all of the work was done in his home.

“Finally my wife, my partner, said you can’t do this here, you have to go find a place. So I had a place up on Beacon Street for a number of years and I started The Digital Docs and it was very successful, I had a lot of fun doing it,” Bach said.

Eventually the business moved to its current location, where it has remained for 15 years. Bach’s clientele has grown quite a bit. He has even done work for musicians such as Massachusetts native Hayley Reardon.

One of the most common issues the business has helped customers with over the years is password recovery, so Bach decided to make a password recovery guide.

On Tuesday, Bach was working on repairing a computer with water damage and refurbishing an old Apple computer to resell.

“I just love this business. I love the challenge. It’s like figuring out a puzzle and there’s always something new,” Bach said. “The greatest satisfaction for me is for someone to be happy that I fixed it and recovered their data or fixed their network, or something like that. So it’s really gratifying to have that kind of response.”