A new world order

To the Editor:
It only took two years. There was world calm; U.S. energy independence, with control of borders, prosperity, and a positive rebound from COVID-19. Today there is a new world order forming, an axis of China-Russia-Iran-North Korea. Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, and others are paying attention and shifting trade.
So what happened? When the current D.C. regime declared war on oil, a tectonic shift in energy control opened the door for international bad actors. Identity politics became the national focus and distraction. When the disgraceful U.S. exit from Afghanistan showed embarrassing ineptness, it intensified bad intentions. 70,000 U.S. young people a year dying from China/Mexico fentanyl demonstrates a lack of attention and will. When 530+ riots considered ‘mostly peaceful’ in 2020 caused billions of dollars in destruction and dozens of injuries and deaths, with no reckoning, it exposed a compromised justice system. Our high-taxed, unfocused country with the most expensive education system in the world is yielding gross student inadequacies, especially in big cities.
Time to wake up America! Get priorities in order or start learning to speak Mandarin.
Vernon Polidoro