About Us

Founded in August of 2022, Marblehead Weekly News is a free weekly print newspaper and 24/7 news website that seeks to inform, educate, provoke thought, and prompt a smile.

With Marblehead’s own Ted Grant and Mike Shanahan as its publisher and CEO, respectively, Marblehead Weekly News aims to bring the community news that matters to its residents.Marblehead Weekly News reporters have one main goal: to hold a mirror up to the town. As a result, they consistently work to ensure their coverage reflects Marblehead’s interests, lifestyles, and government.

Where to find Marblehead Weekly News

Our paper is on sale at these newsstands:

  • Marblehead Village Market Village Plaza, Marblehead
  • Marblehead Richdale Smith Street, Marblehead
  • Swampscott Richdale Humphrey Street, Swampscott
  • Gulf Station Convenience Store Essex Street, Swampscott
  • 3N Convenience Store Paradise Road, Vinnin Square, Salem
  • Marina’s Newsstand Riley Plaza, Norman Street, Salem