A Taste of Marblehead: Wining and dining for the holiday season

It’s official: The holidays are now upon us. That means that grocery lists are being put together and stores will be packed as families begin to get what they need for parties and big holiday feasts. Many will be purchasing different meats and an assortment of vegetables and other sides for dinners, as well as cheese and crackers for appetizers, but no holiday celebration involving food is complete without a fine glass of wine. 

Shubie’s has one of the biggest and best selections of wine on the North Shore, and for this week’s edition of A Taste of Marblehead, we took a look at six of the store’s best holiday wine options, ranging in price from those who might be on a budget to those that are looking to go all out, that will pair perfectly with your holiday meals. 

Cotes du Rhone, “Laurent B”: Domaine Brusset

Price: $17.99

If you are looking to save some money during the holidays, but also enjoy a nice, flavorful glass of wine at dinner, this is the right choice for you. The taste of raspberry and strawberry is hard hitting in this red wine, but is balanced well with a Grenache blend. This complex wine is one that can largely be enjoyed on its own; however those who are looking to pair it with a dish may want to put together a meal involving any grilled meat and vegetables, as well as charcuterie boards. 

Armorica: Famille Lieubeau

Price: $19.99

Another great and clean tasting wine for those that want to spend a little less this season. This white wine is completely unoaked, and provides a dry but clean taste. The grapes used in this wine are sourced from organic agricultural practices and has a lower alcohol percentage by volume at 12 percent, meaning that you can have an extra glass after dinner. This wine can be best friends with most seafood, and also pairs well with a wide variety of cheeses. 

Dolcetto D’Alba: Oddero

Price: $19.99

This wine produced by the Oddero family has a lot going in terms of aroma and taste, but works perfectly. It produces a lavender and violet scent, but when it hits the palette, you can expect to taste black cherry wrapped in sweet spices. It is another unoaked wine, and fruity flavors are abundant, making those who drink it want to come back for more. This wine does not necessarily need to dance with a meal, but as it is an Italian wine, it can naturally be served with traditional Italian dishes, as well as other hearty foods. 

Cremant de Bourgogne: Deux Roches

Price: $27.99

Produced exactly how original Champagne is, and at half the price, this sparkling wine is great for those looking for an affordable high-quality Chardonnay to drink with their food. This wine from Deux Roches provides a light and crisp taste, with bubbles that will continue to sparkle as you enjoy your glass. Being a Chardonnay, this wine can provide a “spark” to any holiday festivities and is perfect to be served at a cocktail hour or party this winter. 

Reserve della Contessa: Manincor

Price: $29.99

Enjoyers of this wine will get a vibrant aroma and taste of apple and apricot that leaves an acidic, yet refreshing after taste. The wines produced from the Manincor estate are also made from vineyards that are farmed biodynamically, which is an environmentally friendly approach to agriculture. If you plan on cooking poultry or seafood meals for your holiday guests this year, this wine will make a good pair. 

Cabernet Sauvignon: Clos Du Val Wine Co.

Price: $50.00

This Californian wine gives off a fruity aroma consisting of blackberry and raspberry scents which can also be found in the taste as soon as a sip is taken. The wine is mostly Cabernet, but Bordeaux grapes are present as well to help make this a delicious Napa Valley wine. If you plan on having steak or roasts for your holiday celebrations as well as any blue or cheddar cheese for an appetizer, this wine is a great fit.