Abbot Advocacy Committeee members are also “persons of the year”

EuRim Chun is Marblehead’s Person of the Year. Photo by Spenser Hasak

I would like to thank the Essex Media Group for the honor of being named “Person of the Year”  for Marblehead. While it’s truly an honor to receive such an award amongst the esteemed and  impressive recipients from our surrounding communities, the recognition must be shared with  the following 17 members of the Abbot Public Library Advocacy Committee who contributed  their time and talents to join me and the Abbot Public Library Board of Trustees to get our town’s  citizens to vote in favor of the override to repair and renovate our beloved library:  

Annie Rockwell  

Cheryl Byrne  

Courtney Kelly  

Courtney Munroe  

Doug Hill  

Elaine Leahy  

Kate Brooks  

Kelley Braun  

Kim Girard  

Laurie Flowers  

Lolli Leeson  

Maeve Rice  

Meryl Thompson  

Molly Bushman  

Molly Williams  

Patricia Rockett  

Rich Bowen  

Each and every one of them said YES without hesitation when I asked for their help to save our  library.  

I would also like to acknowledge Nancy Perkins Arata and Phyllis Smith, the dynamic and  tireless past chairs of the Abbot Public Library Board of Trustees for tapping me to lead the  advocacy efforts.

They kept the library going and laid the groundwork for the public-private  partnership campaign that led to the ultimate success in passing the override. They established  the Abbot Public Library Foundation (APLF) which raised $1 million towards the $9.5 million cost  of the library renovation project.

And as we promised the generous taxpayers who supported  the override, APLF will continue to raise $2 million towards ensuring that the newly renovated  library will continue to be maintained and updated as needed.

We will work with the Town to  take care of the taxpayers investment in our most important public building in our community.  

And finally, the true “Person(s) of the Year” belongs to my family: my incredibly supportive and  loving husband, Ken Fisher and our wonderful children, Elina and Mack Fisher who inspire me  everyday to make a positive difference; and my amazing parents and role models, Y.B. and Sun  Chun, proud Korean-American citizens of this generous country who taught me to be kind and  fearless in caring for others and doing my part to make my community better.  


EuRim Chun