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Attic fire damages Atlantic Avenue home

The Marblehead Fire Department responded to a 911 call Tuesday for an attic fire on Atlantic Avenue. Paramedics, two pumper engines, a ladder unit and the fire chief were on the scene.

Fire Chief Jason Gilliland said the fire must have been burning for some time since a neighbor of the house is the one who noticed the fire and made the call. The house does have damage from the fire but there were no injuries, he said.

Massachusetts Department of Fire Services said firefighters respond to more heating-related emergencies during the winter and have emphasized the need for fire safety in the winter months, according to a press release from the department.

“We anticipate more people using a fireplace, wood stove, or other solid fuel to heat their homes this winter,” said State Fire Marshal Ostroskey. “We want everyone to keep warm and keep safe. If you’re burning wood, pellets, or coal, we recommend having your chimney and flue professionally inspected and cleaned first. When burning, use a screen to keep embers inside and keep anything that can burn at least three feet away on all sides. And when you’re done, remember that ashes can stay hot for days. When disposing of them, shovel them into a metal bucket with a metal lid and place it outside on the ground away from the home, porch, and garage.”