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Bauer finalist for Danvers Superintendant Job

Daniel Bauer, principal for seven years at Marblehead High School, is among three candidates to become superintendent for Danvers.

Danvers School Committee members on Tuesday announced Bauer, Geoff Bruno and Peter Cushing as finalists for the top spot in the district from the 16 applications received.

“I’m excited to have an opportunity and I’m thoroughly enjoying my time in Marblehead High School and I’m looking forward to an opportunity, a natural progression in the field,” said Bauer.

Before his principal position, Bauer worked as an assistant principal at Beverly High School for 10 years and taught social studies at Masconomet Regional School for five years.

Bauer holds a doctoral degree from Northeastern University in curriculum, teaching and leadership; a Master of Arts in educational management from Endicott College, and a Master of Arts in education from Tufts University.

Bauer received his undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania in sociology.

Finalists interviews are scheduled in early January and are invited to site visits at schools in the district; meetings with principals, school staffs, town officials, and community members.

The new superintendent will be announced on January 9, the school district said in a statement.