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Business of the week: All Chic at 152

Siobhan Phelan is the owner of All Chic at 152 on Washington Street. Photo by Spenser Hasak

Siobhan Phelan, the owner of the women’s clothing boutique All Chic at 152, knows fashion. If you walk into the store needing help finding an outfit, she will be there to assist with her 31 years of experience in the business.

All Chic at 152, located at 152 Washington St., opened in 2021 after Phelan came back to Marblehead after living in Florida for a few years. She previously owned All Chic Boutique on Atlantic Avenue.

“I had such high demand when I came back to reopen my store,” Phelan said. “I decided ‘OK, I’m gonna give it another shot.’”

But her story in the fashion business goes back to 1992, when she opened a consignment store called Rags to Riches. After the store burned down in 2003, she made the shift from consignment to new clothing.

Now, at All Chic at 152, she said she sells clothing from all over the world at an affordable price. There are pieces from Milan, Paris, Canada, the U.K., the Netherlands, and more.

“When I’m over in Europe I try to see what’s on trend and what’s coming down the runway, and then I just get it in my store,” Phelan said.

Phelan said there are new pieces coming in everyday, and that the boutique carries unique brands. It even has its own clothing line coming in May, she added.

The boutique is organized by color, so the first thing Phelan does when helping a customer is figure out what colors work best for them.

“We start with first of all eliminating colors they don’t like, and then we go for the things that they do like, and we have a little bit of something for everybody,” Phelan said. “So it’s not all dressy [and] formal, we have casual wear here too.”

Currently, her favorite piece in the store is a “gorgeous burnt orange Italian-style dress.”

For Phelan, fashion has been a part of her life forever.

“I just love fashion. It’s my passion. I used to make clothing when I was younger, I would design my own clothing when I was in high school,” Phelan said. “It’s always been my thing.”