Cattle car stops in Marblehead to help in the battle against hate

The Cattle Car Exhibit parked outside the high school and open to the public. Photo by Daniel Bauer

A World War II-era replica cattle car stopped at Marblehead High School as part of the Hate Ends Now campaign to educate students on the Holocaust.

The Hate Ends Now exhibit travels to different communities to teach people about the Holocaust by providing a physical example of the cattle cars once used to transport Jewish people to concentration camps.

Hate Ends Now is a collaboration between ShadowLight and the Southern National Conference of Synagogue Youth. The campaign is committed to combating all forms of bigotry. It uses the Holocaust as the ultimate example of the type of evil Hate Ends Now is fighting to eradicate.

Hate Ends Now’s Lead Educator Tara Silberg explained she hopes young people feel inspired to make change and progress after learning from the exhibit.

“It’s really moving to see students that are engaged and say ‘Oh, wow, OK, I can make a difference,’” said Silberg. “And maybe talking about what they want to do in the future, where they’ll go with this power of one.”