Cecropia Strong partners with Windrush Farm to offer horseback riding for adults with disabilities.

Julie Hahnke, President and founder of Cecropia Strong; Guinness, a buckskin Mustang and Windrush horse; Janet Nittmann, CEO of Windrush Farm; and Caitlyn Campbell, Barn Manager of Windrush Farm. Photo by Cecropia Strong

The Marblehead-based Charity, Cecropia Strong partnered up with Windrush Farm in Andover to offer therapeutic horseback riding for adults with disabilities this spring.

With a  grant paid to the order of Windrush Farm by Julie Hahnke, president of Cecropia Strong, adults with physical disabilities can have the opportunity to participate in an enjoyable activity that helps improve balance, muscle strength, coordination, and posture.

“I rode there in 2018, but the cost is too prohibitive for the financially challenged to manage. Our grants reduce the overall session fee by two-thirds, making it a more reasonable option. Everyone should experience the joy of riding the Windrush horses!” said Hahnke.

Certified instructors and volunteers at Windrush Farm will assist the riders as they learn new skills in the arena or enjoy a ride out on the trails around the bucolic farm.

“We are extremely grateful to Cecropia Strong for selecting Windrush Farm as their partner for the new grants,” says Windrush Farm CEO Janet Nittmann.

“We very much look forward to welcoming new riders to the Windrush community,” added Nittmann.

Windrush Farm provides quality Equine-assisted Services for children and adults facing physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges with therapeutic riding, unmounted programs, and other horse-related activities.

Founded in 1964, Windrush is one of the oldest and largest therapeutic riding centers in the United States and a Premier Center accredited by the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl).

Horseback riding offers the freedom for riders to explore the woods and fields that are usually off-limits to anyone with a disability, giving them the opportunity to enjoy the full experience.

Now, financially-challenged adults with disabilities can apply for a grant to ride at Windrush Farm thanks to the generosity of Cecropia Strong. The elite sport is often a common hobby for those fortunate to upkeep the financial expenses.

Windrush Farm will accept grant applications from adults with a physical disabilities who would like to participate in the spring session of therapeutic riding lessons. Those who participate must be 18 years of age or older and weigh less than 185 pounds.

Riding lessons will be provided in a group and a physician’s statement will be required.

To learn more please visit Cecropiastrong.org or Windrushfarm.org.