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Cronin weighs in on Brown decision

Marblehead’s Connor Cronin hauled in 41 balls for 758 yards last fall. Photo by Connor Cronin

Connor Cronin has left his mark at Marblehead High School after impressive campaigns in football and lacrosse. Now, he’s decided on his next home: Brown University for football.

“I finally found a home,” Cronin said. “It feels amazing to have that recruitment be over with and now I can just focus on this season, myself, and, ultimately, get ready for college ball.”

After attending numerous football camps this summer, Cronin means it when he says he’s happy recruitment season is over.

“It feels great. It’s been a really long process for me,” he said. “We were looking for that Ivy League Division 1 level or a high championship-caliber team that can win the Division 1AA.”

“I worked my butt off at these college camps, but the reality is, you never know what they’re thinking and what else could happen,” Cronin said.

On top of the “beautiful” campus located in Providence, it was the people that made Cronin choose Brown.

“When I went to Brown for camp, I thought all the coaches were great – very coachable and helpful,” Cronin said. “The players who were helping run the camp were all great guys and people to work with. Location-wise, Rhode Island is a great place to be. Brown is a prestigious school and the campus is obviously unbelievably beautiful. All in all, it’s a great place to be.”

He added it really is a dream-come-true scenario.

“It’s always been the goal to play at an Ivy League school,” Cronin said. “Growing up, my goal was to use my athletic ability to get me into a high academic and competitive football school. That was my plan and I’m happy to get it done.”

Cronin, who set numerous lacrosse records at Marblehead, said he always preferred football despite being recruited for lacrosse at a younger age.

“Growing up, I was being recruited more for lacrosse, just because when I was younger, there was no AAU for football so there was more exposure for lacrosse,” Cronin said. “Once I got to high school, I started to get more exposure and then football took over regarding recruitment. I do love the game of football more than lacrosse.”

Before Cronin heads to Rhode Island, he’ll be making a pit stop in Connecticut for a post-graduate year at Avon Old Farms School.

“Just another year before college can’t hurt. I can get bigger and play in better competition,” Cronin said. “Avon is a great group of guys and the coach is awesome. [With] the guys I’ll be around next year, we’ll have a fun and competitive team.”

As to whether he’ll line up at wide receiver or safety, it’s too early to tell, according to Cronin.

“It’s too early to say where I’ll play at Brown. They had me work out at all positions at camp. Wherever they see me best is where I’ll play,” Cronin said.

When asked if he has a preference between offense or defense, Cronin reiterated that he just wants to be on the field.

“So many coaches have asked where I prefer to play, and I couldn’t tell them,” Cronin said. “I just want to be on the field. When I’m on the field, I feel it gives us the best chance to win.”

Bears fans will have to wait one more year to see Cronin on campus, but when he arrives, don’t poke this bear.