Dave Rodgers is a town hero

To the editor:

While I enjoyed your profile (Weekly News Nov. 11) of Marblehead’s Veterans Agent Dave Rodgers, it didn’t do him complete justice!

While Dave has been and continues to be an outstanding representative of the Town’s heroes who have served our great country, there is more to him.  He was an accomplished schoolboy athlete, a dedicated member of the Marblehead Recreation & Parks Department for years, a youth baseball volunteer and coach, an organizer, a player and coach of the North Shore Men’s Baseball League for many years.

He was a driving force in saving the Sea Side Park Grandstand, one of Marblehead’s iconic structures, and a solid contributor to the town’s festivities when celebrating Memorial Day and Veterans Day for many years.

I am just naming some of Dave’s other accomplishments.  While most people might not know these things about our wonderful Veterans Agent, who has always bled Marblehead red and black, he is also extremely humble and very respectful.

These two qualities that are central to Dave’s success in life, and a lesson to all of us.  While the Marblehead vets are fortunate to have Dave in their corner, the Town has been very lucky to have had such a wonderful citizen in our midst, contributing to our beloved town in many different ways.

Thanks Dave, a well-deserved Marblehead “Hazzah” to you!

Twig Burke