Do-it-all Cronin is on to the next level

Connor Cronin will soon suit up for Avon Old Farms at the collegiate level, but those high school memories aren’t going anywhere. Photo by Item File Photo

The Marblehead faithful knows how impactful senior Conor Cronin is on both the football and lacrosse fields. And to the fans at Avon Old Farms, you’re in store for quite the treat.

Cronin is on the verge of finishing a high school career many would dream of, both academically and in athletics. And this fall, Cronin will be taking his mind and talents to the Connecticut prep school, something he’s more than excited for.

“I am very much looking forward to starting my time at Avon Old Farms, not only to grow as an athlete, but academically as well,” Cronin said.

Cronin went on to talk about some of the key reasons he leaned toward Avon Old Farms.

“Going to prep school gives me a chance to play another year of football, and will give me the chance to showcase my ability as a football player,” Cronin said. “Avon will also challenge me academically, and being there is the right decision for me.”

Cronin hopes he produces at Avon Old Farms, as the perfect scenario for the do-it-all Magician is transferring to an Ivy League school.

“I got offers at Colgate, Stonehill, Bryant, and Lehigh, but my dream is to be a part of an Ivy League school,” Cronin said. “I feel Avon will give me the best shot in doing so.”

Marblehead football coach Jim Rudloff has spent lots of time with his star player, and couldn’t keep from raving about Cronin.

“Connor is not only a great kid, but he is one of the best high school football players I have ever seen or coached,” Rudloff said. “Connor just does things that are truly special, and in the process, he makes those amazing feats look easy.”

Rudloff also spoke highly of his skills on a different turf.

“Connor plays lacrosse as well, and he may be just as good at lacrosse as he is at football, which is saying a lot,” Rudloff said. “In my opinion, Connor was a top three NEC (Northeastern Conference) lacrosse player last year, and has to be the favorite to be the MVP of the league.”

That’s right – Cronin isn’t done wearing Marblehead red just yet. He mentioned how important the upcoming lacrosse season is to him.

“We, as in Marblehead, have a 58-game NEC (Northeastern Conference) win streak currently, and I am going to do all that I can to make sure we take care of business in-conference and keep that winning streak alive,” Cronin said. “I am excited that the lacrosse season is here, and we have a great team, too.”

Every great athlete, seemingly at one point or another, faces adversity. It’s no exception for Cronin, who faced his head on.

“This past year, Connor played with a torn meniscus the entire season, and still had a tremendous senior season,” Rudloff said. “Connor was still an All-Northeastern Conference player despite playing through this injury. Connor would have to ice his knee all throughout the week before game day, but he is a tough kid and always out on the field [and] ready to play.”

You don’t see numbers getting retired at the high school level (very often, at least), but Rudloff might make an exception.

“Connor and his brother Timmy each wore the number 22,” Rudloff said. “You cannot retire a number in high school, per say, but I will not let anyone wear number 22 for quite some time. If Marblehead had a Mount Rushmore for its athletes, Connor would be on it.”

After four years of wearing a Marblehead football jersey, Cronin finished with 152 receptions, 2,257 receiving yards, 14.8 yards per reception, and 27 touchdowns.

Cronin currently holds a 3.9 GPA and plans on furthering his studies in business economics.

Avon Old Farms may not know how special Cronin is just yet, but will soon.