Do you remember these players? They were quite the charictures

Photo by Boston Herald

1952: Dwight Eisenhower was elected president, “The Old Man and the Sea” was released, and Herman Hussey coached the football Magicians for another season.

Printed by The Boston Herald, and complements of Kennedy’s Under-Grad Shop and, well, modern-day internet surfing, a black and white, 9-inch plaque of the ‘52 Marblehead football team was up for sale on eBay.

A $10 plaque – actually, $15.50 with shipping – was

purchased earlier this week from a seller in South Carolina.

Hussey helmed the program from 1948-58. His teams won conference championships in 1948, ‘49, and ‘50. Known for his aggressive offenses, “Herm” retired with a record of 50-44-7, according to Marblehead’s Gridiron Club.