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Eastern Yacht Club aiding in August regatta

The harbor may be empty now, but it will liven up for the WASZP North American Championship Regatta in August. Photo by Weekly Staff

Marbleheads Eastern Yacht Club is partnering with the Swampscott Yacht Club (SYC) to host the WASZP North American Championship Regatta in August.

“Swampscott Harbor and the arena-like Nahant Bay is the perfect location to host the North American Championship,” said Zaak Beekman, WASZP USA’s North American Search Committee chair, in a press release provided by SYC. “With WASZP racing on the rise in the U.S. and with Massachusetts – particularly the North Shore – being home to many sailors, choosing Swampscott was a natural fit.”

The WASZP, a “3.4 meter monohull one-design hydrofoiling sailing dinghy,” was named “Best One-Design” by Sailing World’s Boat of the Year Awards in 2017. It was designed by Andrew McDougall and built by McConaghy Boats.

“WASZP dinghies are made for both adult and youth sailors and can reach a top speed of 24 knots (27.5 mph),” the release said.

“Since 1933, the Swampscott Yacht Club has been home to boaters and fishermen alike,” said SYC Commodore Chris Bendickson. “Having the opportunity to host WASZP sailors this summer is something we are looking forward to. Our harbor is beautiful, and with excellent sailing conditions and warmer waters in August, we anticipate a successful series of races.”

Eastern Yacht Club, which has been around since 1870, “has agreed to partner with SYC for this exciting event,” said the release. Eastern Yacht Club has provided race management for championships around the world and is led by Race Committee Chair Christopher Lubeck and Executive Race Officer Susie Schneider.”

“Eastern is looking forward to partnering with SYC to provide race management for the event. Eastern’s expertise and leadership will ensure that the WASZP sailors enjoy the highest possible quality of racing.”