Eating Well at Eat Well Kitchen

The Hot Chick Sandwich at Eat Well Kitchen. Photo by Charlie McKenna

For this week’s “Taste of Marblehead,” I decided to zag in the complete opposite direction of my colleague Emily Pauls’ “Business of the Week” profile on Terry’s Ice Cream. I headed to Eat Well Kitchen, a “health food restaurant,” basically the exact opposite of an ice cream shop.

Funnily enough, these two stores, in addition to occupying the same page of this newspaper, inhabit a roughly 300-foot strip of Atlantic Avenue. They are essentially situated on either side of Shubie’s.

When I walked in to Eat Well Kitchen on an exceptionally wet Tuesday afternoon, I was struck by the sheer variety of options put before me. The menu occupied three columns on a board above the cash register, and a number of pre-made options sat in a case just beside the register, leaving me to stare awkwardly in the middle distance for some time before I settled on an order. I settled on the “Hot Chick,” which can be served as a salad, a sandwich, or a wrap. On a cold day like Tuesday I couldn’t pass up a warm sandwich, opting to get mine on french bread (multigrain and white were the other two options). The Hot Chick is comprised of roasted chicken breast, roasted red peppers, cheddar, avocado, fresh jalapeños, and arugula.

I also ordered the “PBB,” a smoothie containing peanut butter, banana, flax, date, protein powder, and almond milk that honestly seemed more substantial than the sandwich.

A PBB smoothie, left, and a Hot Chick Sandwich at Eat Well Kitchen in Marblehead.

The sandwich came to me warm, having just been pressed, and it took significant willpower to snap a few photos before digging in. The avocado and red bell pepper combined to provide sweetness and a creamy texture to the sandwich, which otherwise could’ve been dry on account of the roasted chicken breast. The bread was crunchy and held all the components together, while the jalapeños provided a nice subtle tingling sensation that lingered even after I made quick work of the sandwich. The chicken itself was nicely seasoned, and provided an extra component of flavor that really elevated the sandwich. I’d definitely get this again, and I suspect it would make a delicious salad or wrap as well.

While I sought out to only write about the sandwich, the PBB was honestly the star of the show. The peanut butter took center stage but the almond milk, dates, and banana really rounded it out to make this drink feel almost like a milkshake with its thick, creamy texture and sweetness. It was a bit more of a subtle sweetness on account of the natural ingredients, but I did not mind, and despite the $8.50 price tag giving me some sticker shock I would get this again in a heartbeat.

I wish I had brought my laptop with me when I headed to Eat Well on Tuesday, as the tables by the entrance appeared to this reporter to be a perfect spot to knock out a batch of writing, of which there was much to do today.

If you’re looking to eat well in Marblehead, look no further than 12 Atlantic Ave.