Girls lacrosse takes care of Saugus

Marblehead’s Lucy Wales cuts around Saugus’ Aly Mabee to shoot and score her team’s first goal. Photo by Spenser Hasak

SAUGUS — The Marblehead girls lacrosse team was winless at the beginning of this week. Despite some bright spots, its record was 0-8, and the team was in need of momentum.

Well, let me tell you – this team is here now. Just one day after its 15-2 victory against Salem, Marblehead (2-8) made it two straight road wins with a 16-2 decision against Saugus.

“This is the 10th game of our season, and things are starting to come together for us offensively,” Marblehead coach Annie Madden said. “We’re really looking forward to the second half of this season.”

And who wouldn’t be when you have Sydney Langton? Marblehead’s draw-winning captain “set the pace of the game” according to Madden.

“We’re very lucky to have her on the circle with us,” Madden said.

Langton won nearly every draw of the first half – one Marblehead led 11-1 after – and, oh, her hat-trick wasn’t bad either.

“Sydney Langton is a very talented player and a great captain,” Madden said. “When she’s on, we are on,” Madden said.

An 11-goal half is no joke, especially with the versatility on display. Langton, Ramona Gillett, Lucy Wales, Madison Forbes, Isabelle Ferrante, Neely Payne, and Caitlyn Ryan all scored in the first half.

“That’s what we’ve been working on all season, making sure we have more than one person doing all the scoring,” Madden said. “We’ve been in some close games, and that’s because of our strength across the field.”

Speaking of first half highlights, Marblehead goalie Addie Lydon robbed a Saugus goal from just a yard out, and Neely’s top-corner snipe was a crowd-pleaser.

Overall, all of the fundamentals were there. From winning draws, to scooping ground balls, and to finishing around the crease, Marblehead cashed in.

“We play our best when every person is doing all of the little things,” Madden said. “Making that cut… picking up that ground ball.”

Also, there was Marblehead’ passing, which Saugus coach Barbara Guarente applauded postgame.

“Very strong team. They have a lot of great players on that team, and great passing,” Guarente said. “No dirty plays, nothing.”

As for Madden, she said the strong passing comes from Marblehead’s youth program.

“Our strong passing on the field is truly due to our youth program, and we’re very fortunate to have a youth program that’s dedicated,” Madden said. “I’m very fortunate to be leading this group of girls and working in a community that really cares.”

Literally and figuratively, Saugus never dipped its heads, and Guarente was pleased with her team’s mindset.

“Do your best,” Guarente said. “And whatever outcome it is, it is what it is,”

She’s right, they never quit. Freshman Brooke Diaz used her speed to enter the offensive zone, and fellow freshman Cassidy Cheney bounced one in for Saugus’ first-half goal.

Its other tally came from Aly Mabee, another freshman, but that was all. Marblehead scored five more in the second half to claim victory.

Forbes registered five goals, Wales scored three, and Caroline Scroope added two.

Despite the loss, Guarente spoke highly of her defense, which held its own against Marblehead’s explosiveness.

“We’re actually talking and moving… so that was a plus for us,” Guarente said. “The defense finally came together.”

In the week of Marblehead girls lacrosse, those early-season losses look like stepping stones now.

“We learned from every loss this season,” Madden said.