Glover’s Regiment carves its place in history

A carving made of wood salvaged from the iconic Fort Sewall tree will now live forever as a part of the town’s history, after the Select Board voted unanimously to accept the carving as a gift from Glover’s Regiment.

The carving was made by Glover’s Regimental Surgeon Dr. Ray Sullivan, of Middlebury, Conn., and presented to the Select Board by Sullivan’s daughter, Katie.

Sullivan told the board the carving was made with wood salvaged from the “ancient sycamore” at Fort Sewall, which withstood “over 147 years of thundering gales, hurricanes, and nor’easters.” The carving depicts a regiment member in their 18th century-era military uniform, armed with a rifle.

The regiment offered the carving as a gift to the town in appreciation for the cooperation and assistance of town leaders, residents, and businesses in the regiment’s mission of “keeping history alive on the occasion of the anniversary of General [John] Glover’s death, Jan. 30, 2023.”

Sullivan was joined by Captain Seamus Daly and Larry Sands, who both arrived in full Glover’s regalia.

Select Board Chair Moses Grader accepted the gift on behalf of the board, thanking Glover’s for what he dubbed a “lovely gift.”

“Thank you very, very much,” he said. “That’s awesome.”

The board also voted to send a letter of appreciation to Glover’s for the gift.