It’s a Crafty Camaraderie at the Library

Bring your craft to Abbot Public Library. Photo by Cassandra Sprague

On April 25, the Abbot Public Library will host its monthly community craft and chat for adults.

The casual gathering, which takes place on the fourth Tuesday of every month, will be conducted by Library Technical Assistant Meghan Donoghue with the aim of adults socializing and working on any small creative project of their choice.

Adults can bring their personal crafts including knitting, beadwork, and sketchbooks. Donoghue will also have adult-level prints, coloring sheets for passersby who would like to be part of the program, and crafting books for inspiration and reference.

“This program specifically does not offer instruction in a particular craft, just a supportive social environment for creatives,” wrote Donoghue in an email.

The program will take place in the program room at the temporary location on Three Brook Road between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.

To register, please visit the Abbot Public Library website at or register directly at