It’s an egg-drop challenge

People gathered in the Marblehead Community Center parking lot to watch the Fire Truck Egg Drop Challenge hosted by The Marblehead Recreation and Parks department. Photo by Libby O'Neill

For the first time, the Marblehead Recreation and Parks Department partnered with the Marblehead Fire Department for an egg drop challenge where members of the public from all ages could participate in the festive activity.

About 80 children participated this year in the egg drop challenge, and almost half of the eggs survived the drop from the fire truck ladder.

“The ingenuity of the designs was diverse and creative,” said Karla Strobel, the events coordinator at Marblehead Recreation and Parks. “Kids created vessels out of boxes, popcorn, cotton balls, straws, balloons, and more to protect a raw egg as it was dropped from the top of the ladder truck by firefighters from the Marblehead Fire Department.”

The participants and their families gathered around the chalked bull’s eye under the firetruck ladder, cheering and clapping as the protected eggs fell and either survived or cracked from the impact.

First grader Tristan Megenedy, second grader Jack Paine, fourth graders Vivian Lewis and Nathan Megenedy, and fifth grader Caleb Megenedy were among the winners this year.

The winners of the challenge earned the Fire Truck Egg Drop Egg-cellence Award, while the rest of the participants received an egg medal for joining the event.