It’s your choice on our national direction: stupid or crazy

The other day my wife and I drove up to the North Country to look at the changing leaves. 

As we were driving, a wheel fell off my car. I was looking at it when I noticed that I was in front of a gated compound with a sign that said home of the mentally- ill and there was a man standing there watching me.  

He asked and I told him that my lug nuts on that wheel had fallen off and were gone. We were so far out in the country that there was no cell phone service so I didn’t know what to do. 

He said take one nut off each of the other three tires and put them on that wheel and it would get me home. I then asked him what he was doing inside the home and he said, “I am here because I am crazy, not stupid.” 

When we look at how we govern ourselves, maybe we should ask that question about ourselves.

When we decide to be less polluting of the planet that is good. We promote various ways to provide energy from wind, tides, and solar battery development. 

But now our leaders are shutting down our fossil fuel industry before we can develop further advancements in alternative sources.

Destroying your own economy is like asking a 10 year old to be 20 years old. It’s your choice: stupid or crazy.

 Announcing that a foreign leader is evil  and you will continue to vilify him publicly and then pleading for him to help you to save your party before an election because your policies have caused inflation and rising gas prices is stupid or crazy.

Thankfully, the government has decided that we are all overweight and it is their duty to solve that problem. 

They are increasing the cost for feed for animals as any meat product is bad for you. They are instituting a tax on all grocery stores that sell any product that has sugar. 

All snacks will be only available with government vouchers. School lunches will only provide yogurt and fresh veggies. This policy mirrors their approach to helping us by not providing support to industry and penalizing  people and businesses to force them to do what they have decided is the right way to live.

Again, your choice: stupid or crazy.

Wayne Stemmer