Jennifer Coolidge shouts out MHS Legally Blonde

Jennifer Coolidge, who played Paulette in the 2001 film “Legally Blonde,” sent well wishes to the cast of Marblehead High School’s musical adaptation of the film. Photo by Creative Commons

The fanfare for Marblehead High’s production of “Legally Blonde” continued even after the curtain closed, as a particularly special admirer lent her congratulations. Massachusetts’ own Jennifer Coolidge released a video online applauding the school’s rendition of her movie.

The original Paula Bonafonte mentioned students Chloe Curtis and Georgia Lloyd by name for their performances as Elle Woods and Bonfante, respectively.

Coolidge also lamented not being able to attend, hinting that she had plans to see her movie interpreted on Marblehead High’s full thrust stage.

“I’m so sad I couldn’t be there in person to see it,” Coolidge said. “I was supposed to sit next to Callie Curtis tonight and watch the show.”

She wished them luck in future productions and discussed what “Legally Blonde” meant for her career.

“So many great things happened to me after Legally Blonde and I just have a good feeling about this for all of you,” Coolidge said. “It might be the beginning of many careers.”

She topped off her message with the film’s famous “Bend and Snap!” quote.

Thomas Rash, the performance’s director, lent his thoughts on what Coolidge’s kind words meant to him and his students. He pointed out that her uniquely positive attitude after years of “ups and downs” in Hollywood is a great message for the young actors at Marblehead High.

Rash claimed to take inspiration from both the movie and the Broadway production. However, he made sure to temper expectations and stay even-keeled amongst Coolidge’s recognition. 

It was important from day one to adjust our expectations,” said Rash. “It was important to always keep in mind we are not on Broadway.” 

He said his students brought their own unique take on the story with the resources they had. Coolidge expressed her desire to meet the cast someday, and Rash is more than open to giving his students that invaluable experience too.

To have Ms. Coolidge visit us in Marblehead would be an absolute delight,” Rash said. “Our doors are always open to any professionals in show business, no matter how ‘famous’. Every additional insight is of extreme value to the students.”