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Just curious: Fort Sewall cameras

New security cameras stand out against the historic aesthetic of Fort Sewall. Photo by Spenser Hasak

Constructed in 1644, Fort Sewall has undergone a $1.5 million renovation over the last three years.

The restoration is good for the park but recent additions present a jarring contrast between the high-tech 21st century and the fort’s 17th century origins. At least one Marblehead Weekly News reader suggested the new security cameras attached to the lamps in the park don’t fit into the historical vibe.

This reader readily agrees: Inviting a robot to stand on  hundreds of years of history looks, well, funny.

Kyle Wiley from the Select Board office said the renovation is still in progress right now, and nothing is final. The cameras are guarding the renovation and the park itself. Wiley said it is indeed a historical place with a very long history, so nothing is final yet.

New security cameras stand out against the historic aesthetic of Fort Sewall.

The park has been taken care of by the Fort Sewall Oversight Committee. The Fort Sewall Oversight Committee has carried out restoration work that includes replacing the fence, installing new lighting, burying overhead cables, renovating the restrooms, creating and installing point-of-interest maps, and replanting the grounds.

Spanning roughly 2.5 acres. An Act of the United States Congress allowed the transfer of the former military reservation to the Town of Marblehead on Feb. 25, 1922, for perpetual use as a public park.

The Select Board appointed the Fort Sewall Oversight Committee to oversee the ongoing restoration work on the fort and to create and update a master plan for its restoration.

Oh, this notice to visitors is posted under the camera” “Please know that what is now in place is different than what we expected, and we are working with the supplier to improve the set-up!”

Just curious.