Learn how to regulate blood sugar at Abbot Public Library

Sam Lebics host Health and Nutrition class on May 20. Photo by Kimberly Grad

Sam Lebicz, a functional nutrition therapy practitioner, will be hosting a healthy-eating nutrition class focused on balancing blood sugars at Abbot Public Library this Saturday.

“Our blood-sugar levels are basically the foundation of our health. With blood sugars dysregulated it puts our bodies in a state of constant stress, which leads to all these symptoms that people are dealing with,” said Lebicz.

Meet Lebicz at 10:30 a.m. at the library to learn how to eat in a way that nourishes your body, improves your gut health, and makes you healthier and happier without giving up all the foods you enjoy.

“If we don’t have balanced blood sugars, it’s impossible to get our hormones or our metabolic health in general to a good state,” said Lebicz.

Lebicz will also share her struggles with gut and hormone problems and her journey to learn that eating right and eating well isn’t just about what you eat but, also how you eat.

“We are delighted to offer programs on the topic of health and wellness and hope to have more on the schedule in the future,” said Kimberly Grad, director of Abbot Public Library.