LTE: Congratulations on Town Meeting

To the editor:


I would like to congratulate Moderator Jack Attridge and Assistant Moderator Cindy Schieffer on their debut Town Meeting. This was not an easy one to start with, as it featured 50 plus articles and an override.

Along the way there were a few unexpected twists and turns to say the least. But they kept it going through three nights and got the business of the town done.

It is worth saying that, by law, moderators have quite a bit of unilateral power. But I commend Mr. Attridge’s conservative approach to his first meeting and the fact that he did not overreach.

While this led to some grumbling about early vote calls and adjournment, in the end those were the decisions of Town Meeting members. This was the right approach for a freshman moderator.

I look forward to next year’s Town Meeting.



Jim Zisson
Marblehead resident