LTE: Congratulations to the School Committee’s newest member

To the editor:

I would like to applaud the eight community members that stepped up to interview for the vacant School Committee seat!!

What incredible resumes I read.

Congratulations to Mr. Al Williams.

Mr. Williams, thank you for accepting this incredibly tough job. My advice is to be true to yourself.

Communication has to be a main point to work on within the committee and our community. There is no time for workshops at the moment.

To the other SC members, roll up your sleeves and work as a team. As you read in The Marblehead Weekly News, our community stakeholders are sending you a message, enough is enough. As I have said before, listen to your critics not to those that just say what you want to hear.

Wipe the slate clean and start working on  antisemitic, racist, and homophobic rhetoric that is engulfing our schools. Table the flag issue until the end of June. The budget  and contracts for teachers are critical and fast approaching.  There will not be an override this year. I do not see a Hail Mary moment saving us.

Wait, maybe if you work with the Select Board and sell the two vacant schools.

Michelle is starting her new job on March 25. What is the actual day she is leaving Marblehead? 

We need a new superintendent. Sarah and Jen, you both have been on search committees before. Let’s be polite and if Allison doesn’t want to be on the search committee then let the men handle it this time. If she does, put Al, Allison, and Brian’s name in a hat , pull out two names. Easy-peasy, fair and square, then get busy!  We don’t have much time, less than four months.

Now get to work and make us proud!!!

Mary McCarristan