LTE: Elect the Light Commission candidates we need

Photo by Sam Deeb

To the editor:


We need Walter Homan and Nate Burke to be elected.

As a prior member of the Marblehead Municipal Light Department, I have seen the blatant efforts of Sustainable Marblehead to take control of the department. Before these people appeared, the MMLD had been ahead of all state and federal mandates for moving ahead on efforts to meet the climate goals.

Homan and Burke are dedicated to achieving these objectives. These decisions on future technologies, which change daily, are very complicated.

In the meantime, Lisa Wolf and Sustainable Marblehead are forgetting the daily running of a department known for its remarkable track record of supplying safe electric power to all.

In the coming years, the MMLD has to make sure the infrastructure is capable of handling the increase in power to satisfy meeting the goals. As of now, it can’t.

We need to look at the total picture. Striking a balance on what can be done today and what will be done in the future is essential.
Walter Homan and Nate Burke will work diligently to get Marblehead to its climate goals while keeping citizens safe.

Power for all.



Karl Johnson