LTE: Safety, reliability, and affordability on the Light Commission

To the editor:


I’m Nate Burke and I’m writing to let voters know why I am running for light commissioner.

My three tenants are safety, reliability, and affordability.

It is important to have patience as the town transitions to meet our goal for zero carbon emissions by 2040. Although this transition has no quick fix, as light commissioner I will do everything I can to ensure we are taking advantage of all opportunities to get us closer to our finish line.

We currently have a healthy mixed portfolio of energy sources, but we need to go deeper to find even more sustainable options to maximize our efficiencies and keep costs down for taxpayers.

This is not a Marblehead Municipal Light Department problem alone. We need all town departments to work together to meet our net-zero carbon objectives. I am committed to facilitating conversations and actions that will get our town infrastructure the necessary upgrades that will enable our ability to reach our sustainability goals.

Thank you for your support.



Nate Burke