LTE: Wolf for Light Commission

To the editor:


I have known Lisa Wolf for more than 40 years, since our days together at Marblehead High School and as instructors in the Children’s Island sailing program. Several years ago, my husband and I moved back to Marblehead at about the same time as Lisa and her husband Steve. Both of our families are committed to thinking globally and acting locally in the fight to protect our planet.

I watched, impressed, as Lisa and Steve overcame numerous hurdles to build their zero-energy home in Marblehead. To each setback, they found a creative solution, working within legal and architectural parameters to construct a lovely, welcoming home that produces more energy than they need each year. They bought an electric car to use the surplus.

Lisa has shown equal perseverance in her three years on the Marblehead Municipal Light Commission. Since her election in 2020, she has established Marblehead Municipal Light Department Strategic Plan and Sustainability Committees, attended conferences and webinars to study public power challenges and opportunities, and joined the Green Marblehead Committee, which has just released its Net Zero Action Plan — adopted by the Select Board on May 10 — to help the town achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2040.

As Marblehead tackles the challenges brought by climate change, we will need to switch from using fossil fuels for heating and transportation to using electricity. The Marblehead Municipal Light Department has a key role to play in building a robust infrastructure to deliver the additional electricity we will need.

I feel that with Lisa’s technical, business, and education backgrounds, as well as her experience serving on the Light Commission, she is extremely well-equipped to help MMLD and Marblehead achieve their goals.

Please vote Lisa Wolf for Light Commission on June 20.



Louise Bullis Yarmoff