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Make your January reservation for MLT’s “Party?”

Actors of Party? during rehearsal Photo by Elaine Leahy

A new play called “Party? will premiere at the Marblehead Little Theater (MLT) in January.

The play presents the ups and downs of marriage across three generations.

The show dates are Jan. 20, 21, 22, 27, and 28 at 7:30 p.m. and Jan. 22 and 29 at 2:00 p.m. Tickets are on sale now at MLTLive.com.

Writer Anne Marilyn Lucas, a veteran MLT member, says that in “Party?” she addresses the issue of narcissism and offers a subtle warning to women who fall for egotistical men like the character Aaron.

“I’m fit! I’m fun! I’m fascinating!” Aaron declares confidently while admiring himself in the mirror at the beginning of the play. Following the advice of his favorite self-help guru, Dr. Stang, Aaron’s affirmations prove to be instrumental in the decisions he makes during a mid-life crisis.

The play features three couples: Felix and Esther, who show the wisdom of a long-lasting marriage; Aaron and Diana, who deal with aging and major life decisions; and Jason and Caitlyn, who have to decide what kind of marriage will work for them.

From its inception as a 10-minute short play, “Party?” became a full-length production after Lucas’ graduate studies professor encouraged her to expand it.

This is Lucas’ first comedy, having tackled intergenerational trauma in the Holocaust survivor drama “From Silence” and drug addiction and family healing in “Recovery.”

“Comedy is truth pushed to extremes,” Director Myriam Cyr told the actors during a “Party?” rehearsal. “We’ll create an extreme of what is true in life.”

Another veteran MLT member, Dayle Persons, is producing the play. Persons has also stage managed, acted and sung in many productions.

“There is just a wonderful group of dedicated folks involved with ‘Party?,’ including the cast, author, director and the many people it really takes to put together a show,” said Persons. “I hope that folks enjoy seeing it as much as I am enjoying producing it.”

MLT said in a statement that it is delighted to welcome talented new and veteran cast members Betty Lautner, James DeSantis, Sharon Mason, Ed Siegal, Victoria Berube and Michael Mazzone.