Marblehead is hooked on Hooked Nutrition

Marinda Robtoy and her son Brayden, 2 inside their newly opened location on Pleasant Street. Photo by Marinda Robtoy

Marinda Robtoy fell in love with the health and wellness community when she was first introduced to it a decade ago. The Vermont native became a health and wellness coach herself before coming to Marblehead in September with Hooked Nutrition.

Robtoy was originally inspired to start a business based on her passion during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I was furloughed from my job, and just spent a lot of time at home. I was also pregnant,” Robtoy said. “Just feeling like I was stuck and lacking purpose… so, I decided to take a leap of faith.”

That initial leap of faith resulted in Nautical Nutrition in Salem. After three years of success, Robtoy was itching to expand into the town she now calls home. She had always had a desire to open a location in Marblehead.

“I was doing my research and trying to find locations within Marblehead,” Robtoy said. “Eventually, we noticed some retail spaces finally became available in Marblehead.”

Robtoy said she stumbled upon her Pleasant Street location for the first time while out for a walk with her family.

Since Hooked Nutrition’s launch, Robtoy has been more than satisfied with the engagement and support she has received from the community.

“The community has been amazing. I knew I wanted to open here and obviously we’ve fallen in love with the community too,” Robtoy said. “Everybody’s just so active, they’re always out running, walking their dogs, kids are out biking… so I knew it would be a great addition and also like a different concept.”

With the exception of one part-time health coach, Hooked Nutrition is manned by Robtoy and her son Brayden, who is 2 years old.

“He’s a helper in his own way,” Robtoy joked.

Hooked Nutrition’s menu is headlined by its “meal replacement shakes,” which Robtoy says have 21 vitamins and minerals, as well as a minimum of 24 grams of protein. It also has alternatives with a “healthy spin” to popular morning beverages, such as energizing tea and protein coffee.

“We have a pretty lengthy and diverse menu, and are constantly changing with the seasons,” Robtoy said.

As the colder months approach, Hooked Nutrition will be offering items such as warm winter smoothies and hot energy tea. Robtoy is also hopeful to soon venture into “the wonderful world of protein waffles” as well.

Through the founding of both of her stores, Robtoy has found a purpose in her community and the ability to provide for her family by doing what she loves most.