Marblehead PD issue scam warning

Marblehead Police took to Facebook this week to warn of ongoing scams, particularly those targeting the elderly, after a resident reported more than $60,000 stolen via an Apple Computer scam where the money was withdrawn on multiple occasions and converted into Bitcoin.

Scammers apparently told the resident that their banking information was compromised by Russian and Chinese websites and instructed them to drive to various locations on the North Shore to have the money in their accounts converted into Bitcoin.

“While predominantly a crime targeting senior citizens, younger people have also fallen victim to this type of crime,” police wrote.

Police asked residents to “slow down, think and act with reason and purpose” when asked to move money. Police also advised calling the business or visiting a bank in person before agreeing to move large sums of money.

“If folks at your banking institution are asking you why you are withdrawing large sums of cash, please don’t take offense, they are genuinely concerned and are wanting to make sure you are not falling prey to a scam artist who can be very convincing,” police wrote.

“These kinds of crime don’t just happen to ‘other people’ in ‘other communities,’ they happen to our families, friends and neighbors — right here in Marblehead. We need to watch out for one another,” police continued.