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Marbleheader moving fitness studio to Swampscott

Kathy Glabicky of Marblehead is moving her fitness studio, Tread Tabata, from Beverly to Swampscott in March. The studio will offer training classes called Tread Tabata, which she designed, as well as personal training.

Glabicky created the Tread Tabata class 10 years ago. At this time, a new method of high intensity interval training developed by Izumi Tabata was rising in popularity.

“He did this workout for Olympians, and it was basically like you go all out for 20 seconds and then you rest for ten, and you do that for eight rounds,” Glabicky said. “So when I created Tread Tabata … I was a personal trainer and I like to run outside and all my clients would be like, ‘I hate running. How do you run?’”

When she heard that from her clients, she decided to try the Tabata method with them, adding strength training for a full body workout. The response to running in intervals was positive. Glabicky said she realized they have to “follow this method because it works.”

“It has all these benefits, but we also need to do strength,” Glabicky

And thus, Tread Tabata was born. During a class, one group starts on the treadmills while the other group starts on the floor lifting weights. Eventually Glabicky created an app to go along with the workout, which has a timer for the running group.

“There is no more than eight people on the floor at one time in our classes. This allows myself or the instructor to really be ‘hands-on.’ That is why I created my Tread Tabata® timer app in the first place. Even though I am still cueing the treadmills and watching the runners/walkers – I don’t have to watch a timer or clock and be distracted from my participants on the floor,” Glabicky wrote in a statement.

Her studio was located in Marblehead for 10 years before moving to Beverly. Glabicky has now decided to move the studio to Swampscott to be closer to home.

“I am able to instruct way more since I am closer to my home, and I am really excited to create more of a small group vibe, but still create that feeling of camaraderie you get from a group,” Glabicky said.

Glabicky loves watching her clients get stronger “by committing to class three times a week and staying consistent.”

“This way too, I can program workouts that I know will be the most effective because I have watched my group progress weekly,” Glabicky said. “My motto has always been workout smarter, not harder.”

The new studio will open at the beginning of March at 211 Essex St.