Maria’s Gourmet delivery car experiences hit-and-run under investigation

Police are investigating a Hit-and-run on Pleasant St. Photo by Emily Figueroa

Marblehead Police Department is investigating a hit-and-run crash that took place last Thursday, Jan. 26th at around 1:10 a.m. on Pleasant St.

According to the police report, Maria’s Gourmet delivery car was legally parked at 130 Pleasant St. when it was struck by a hit-and-run driver. The vehicle suffered significant damage to the back left of the vehicle, as well as to the rear center, and left back of the vehicle.

“We were both woken up by the sound and when I ran to the living room, she was already outside. It was a matter of seconds! She woke up, she looked out the window, she saw the car speeding out, so she went with her cellphone trying to take a picture of this guy’s plate, but it was going too fast,” said Maria Torres, owner of the vehicle.

According to a neighbor who witnessed the incident, and Torres’s daughter, Emily Figueroa, the vehicle looked like a light gray or white color SUV.

As of Tuesday morning, according to Amy Gilliland, Dispatch Supervisor, there is no information on a suspect vehicle.

Anyone with information relating to a vehicle that suffered an impact on the front right corner is asked to call Marblehead Police Department at 781-631-1212.