Meet Kathleen Waslov: A total bookworm

Photo by Kathleen Waslov

Kathleen Waslov has been the president of Friends of Abbot Public Library for more than a year.

Retired from a career in corporate risk management, Waslov now stays local, focusing on volunteering around Marblehead and meeting people in the community.

She is a total bookworm. “I read fiction and fantasy and science and history and politics — I am drawn to libraries and people invested in education and literacy,” she said.

The Friends of Abbot Public Library offers the chance to handle books, contribute time to library programs and connect with others who share the same passion, said Waslov.

She took on her leadership role in 2020 when the Friends group was about to disband due to the pandemic. During 2020 and 2021, the group lost its entire membership and the ability to host library programs and run the bookstore. But it has been able to rebuild slowly, thanks to the loyalty of long-time volunteers like Christine van Gemert, Barbara Naeser, Janice Goransson and Nancy Walker, said Waslov.

The Friends of Abbot Public Library is a volunteer organization dedicated to supporting library events and services for the Town of Marblehead and surrounding communities.

“She’s been very dedicated to the role, and the Friends group needs somebody like that to cheer them along and bring a lot of positive energy to the group,” said Kimberly Grad, the director of Abbot Public Library.

Waslov is a positive person and energetic about leading the Friends group. She is unflappable in her work of rebuilding the Friends group that was dormant during the pandemic, according to Grad.

“We currently have over 50 members and we reestablished the Sail Away Book Shoppe at the interim library location at 3 Brook Road,” said Waslov.

The best moments for Friends members are connecting with people who love reading and the pursuit of knowledge, literacy and continuing education.

Friends will host an Annual General Meeting for all members in early February.