National Grand Bank hosting an annual advent calendar supporting small businesses in town

National Grand Bank Business Development Officer Matt Martin will be setting out with bank President Jim Nye to promote 25 small businesses through town during the month of December. Photo by Spenser Hasak

Beginning on Dec. 1, National Grand Bank (NGB) employees will stroll around town with their annual advent calendar showcasing 25 small businesses in Marblehead.

This year, Marblehead Mercantile and Living Swell joined the group of small businesses to gift items of their choice to those who like, comment, and share the videos on the National Grand Bank’s Facebook page.

The winners will be chosen the day after the business of the day is showcased on Facebook with their surprise gift.

Matthew Martin, NGB Business Development Officer, created the idea five years ago with the purpose to “recognize local business and push shopping local.”

“They are the brick and mortar around here. They are open every day of the week, every year long. They need that extra push before the holidays,” said Martin.

Martin will drive around town in the National Grand Bank vintage red Chevrolet truck, unveiling gifts, and announcing winners along with business owners.

Gilbert and Cole Building Products, Three Cod Tavern, Sweetwater Trading Company, Marblehead Outfitters, Marblehead Opticians, Mino’s Roast Beef, and Maria’s Gourmet are among some of the local businesses participating in the staple Christmas tradition.

In the past years, businesses have contributed with gift baskets and gift cards that range from $50 – $250.

To end the 25-day Christmas tradition, NGB will gift a participating business a chair made up of lobster traps donated by Dirk Martin. The winner will be selected by luck of the draw.