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Police Chief warns to keep cars locked amid break-ins

Two car break-ins occurred on Waldon Court over the weekend, according to Police Chief Dennis King. Electronics were taken from the vehicles.

Police records show two reports of break-ins, one at 9:18 a.m. Friday and the other at 8:38 a.m. Saturday. King said in an emailed statement that both vehicles were unlocked at the time of the break-ins, which he said appear to have taken place overnight on Friday. 

A common method for burglars looking to break into vehicles is going house-to-house pulling on car-door handles until one is found to be unlocked, rather than smashing the windows. In the statement, King said the police “ask people to always remember to lock their vehicles, do not leave valuables in their vehicles if possible, and immediately report suspicious activity (like someone checking car handles) to the Police Department.”

King said Marblehead police do not have any suspects at this time.