Police offer snow emergency reminders

With the winter season rapidly approaching, and snow not far behind it, police to Facebook to remind residents of the parking rules and regulations for a snow emergency.

A snow emergency, police said, is “the town’s active response plan for when a snow storm is expected” and as a result, special parking rules go into effect to allow plows to move snow from curb to curb. The town will declare a snow emergency when snowfall accumulation is projected to be more than two inches, but police said “other factors” could factor into the decision to declare a snow emergency even if snow accumulation will fall below the two-inch mark.

In the event of a snow emergency, all vehicles must be removed from the street beginning at midnight of the day the emergency is declared to allow snow plows free access to the curb.

On-street parking will be allowed the following morning starting at 7 a.m. during a snow emergency unless conditions prevent it. If the snow emergency lasts longer than a day, on-street parking will be prohibited on each day of the snow emergency from midnight to 7 a.m., police said.

Town Meeting approved an increase to the snow emergency ticket fine, raising it to $100, and if a resident’s vehicle is towed, they will be charged a $108 towing charge, and a storage charge of $35 per day. Residents could also face a mileage charge if their vehicle requires a tow to Bill’s Auto Clinic Tow Yard, the town’s towing contractor.

If a resident’s vehicle is towed during a snow emergency, police said, they should call the department’s non-emergency line at 781-631-1212 to confirm the location of their vehicle. Towed vehicles will be stored at the town’s impound lot at the transfer station.

Vehicles will be released to only registered owners, who will need to provide proof of ownership, proof of insurance, a valid driver’s license, and proof that the fine has been paid in order to claim the vehicle.

Bill’s Auto Clinic should be called at 978-745-2087 to make arrangements to receive their vehicle.