Seaglass Village celebrates first anniversary

Seaglass Village is celebrating its first anniversary on Dec. 1, and the goal of Seaglass Village is to help seniors live independently safely in their own homes, and do what they can to alleviate loneliness.

Seaglass Village, one of more than 350 villages in the U.S., opened for business a year ago serving Marblehead, Nahant, and Swampscott. Volunteers who have helped members with pesky technical challenges, gardening chores, transportation to appointments, and indoor tasks like changing batteries in smoke detectors and swapping screens for storm windows. One of the more unusual requests was getting rid of mice in a member’s home.

Various requests have come in from members, and Seaglass volunteers are quick to sign on to complete the tasks. Twelve members from Swampscott are also active volunteers.

There are a total of 100 members and 60 volunteers working at Seaglass Village. As the mental health problem raised hand-in-hand with the pandemic among seniors, Seaglass Village came to the rescue.

Seaglass Village offers its members a long list of social and educational events, including trips, lunches, performances, and classes. There’s a book club, a group that plays bocce and another that plays pickleball. At pickleball in late September, a volunteer met Joy, who was new to the area, and she wanted to learn how to play pickleball as a way of meeting people and making friends.

“You’re my first friend in town,” explained Joy. She and that volunteer are now

friends, and have planned to get together later in the fall.

Well-equipped retirement villages and assisted living homes are nearby that provide excellent care, but many seniors would prefer to stay at home in their comfort zone.

Maureen has lived in her house for 40 years, and it is very important to her to be offered a helping hand to be able to remain in her home. Dale, a volunteer with Seaglass Village, has been taking Maureen grocery shopping, to the post office, veterinarian, tailor, manicurist, hairdresser, and even to bocce for more than 10 months. Dale’s husband Clark, who is also a volunteer, has been helping Maureen with Tech support.

Dale and Clark live in Nahant and have helped Seaglass members in Marblehead, Nahant, and Swampscott. Dale says, “Seaglass Village has had a positive impact on Maureen’s life, and on mine too.”

Sometimes those members feel isolated and are thankful for the social outreach; and often only need a ride to the veterinarian or someone to take care of pests.

On Nov. 18, Seaglass Village will hold a breakfast for friends at Christopher’s Cafe in Lynn from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. The event is open to all, and a cash only event.