Seasiders are back, play first home game Saturday

The Marblehead Seasiders host Beverly this Saturday at 5 p.m. for their first home game. Photo by Marblehead Seasiders

The Marblehead Seasiders are 1-1 after a dramatic, extra-inning 9-8 victory against Beverly Tuesday night. The team plays its first home game Saturday against North Shore Freedom at Seaside Park (5 p.m.).

Newcomer Ian Gallagher joins James Giugino, Eric Lucey, and Jack Lindasy on the mound, while Trey Blackmer, Brady Lavender, Schuyler Scmidtt, Kyle Obst, Ryan Gallagher, Enrique Quinonez, Ricky Spencer, Jeff Stern, Ben Brennan, Nick Miraglia, and Nick Raimo highlight Marblehead’s fielders.

The Seasiders are grateful for early donations from John Maguire and Brian Skidmore, and welcome any and all volunteers (scorebook, field preparation, etc.) to their program.