Shubie’s teams up with high school for Thanksgiving pie fundraiser

Nominated last year to be Marblehead High School’s sophomore class president, Jared Kaplowitch took one of his responsibilities very seriously: come up with fundraising ideas to support class events such as his sophomore semis formal, proms, and anything fun that the class of 2025 can have in the future.

As a result, Shubie’s Marketplace Wines and Spirits partnered with the Marblehead High School to offer Thanksgiving pies to help raise money for the sophomore class

“The class of 2025 has not had any really fun events due to covid. Usually, in the 8th-grade year, they do an 8th-grade boat cruise. We didn’t get to have any of that because of covid. So, this is our first major event as a class,” said Kaplowitch.

The sophomore class was able to sell 91 pies at the cost of $25 and $30, (the same price Shubie’s charges in-store) with apple pies being sold the most. Shubie’s will make the pies and the sophomore class will distribute them on Tuesday, Nov. 22 right before Thanksgiving dinner.

“We wanted to give the business to a local company we also wanted to make it fair to us. We reached out to multiple different local businesses and Shubie’s was one of them. Doug has been awesome to work with and he gave us prices, the prices that they work of, and prices that would work for us. He laid it out for us so we can all succeed in the fundraiser,” said Kaplowitch.

Shubie’s charged the school $12 for Apple and Pumpkin Pies and $17 for pecan pies, “They are charging us reasonable pricing for us to both succeed,” said Kaplowitch.

“It’s probably one of the most saucerful fundraisers that we’ve had as a sophomore class this year but also, in the history of the class. We usually don’t get most of the more until junior year when we get a class auction,” added Kaplowitch.

The order deadline has passed but for those in need of a pie for Thanksgiving dinner, Shubie’s Marketplace will have extra pies available for customers, in-store.

“We are grateful this community is so amazing to us, this is my family store, so we are celebrating 75 years in Marblehead next year and there’s no way that we would be here today without this community. It’s truly a privilege to serve this community, we really mean that,” said Doug Shube, General Manager of Shubie’s Marketplace.

Any local business willing to support the Marblehead High School class fundraisers, please reach out to high school Principal Dan Bauer at