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Silver Lining Solutions to have informational seminars on Medicaid

Silver Lining Solutions, which provides Medicaid application assistance throughout Massachusetts and has a location in Marblehead, is having two free Medicaid planning seminars on April 20 at 6:30 p.m. and April 27 at noon in Topsfield.

“Whether for yourself or a loved one, if you will need to apply for Medicaid Long-Term Care within the next 6-24 months, come learn all the ins and outs of the Medicaid application process, understand your spend-down options, and get answers to our frequently asked questions,” a press release from Silver Lining Solutions said.

Silver Lining Solutions President Darcia Tremblay is going to present information on the Medicaid application process, regulations, allowable spend down expenses, and required documentation for the 5-year look back period, according to the press release.

“You will have an opportunity to schedule a follow-up one-on-one meeting with a Medicaid professional to review your assets, understand your spend-down options and get answers to your individual questions,” the press release said.

Silver Lining Solutions has a 98.9 percent approval rating and has processed thousands of Medicaid applications.

“The Silver Lining Solutions team becomes the liaison between the families, the nursing homes and the office of Medicaid,” the press release said. “Our philosophy and approach is based upon a compassionate and personalized relationship with the clients and families while maintaining open communication with the nursing facilities.”

Space for the seminars is limited  so call 978-887-1100 to register.