Support Articles 51 and 52

To the editor:


Our town government can and should ensure that open meeting laws are observed — which includes minutes of meetings that fully represent what transpired and are posted in a timely way.

We can do even better than minutes in these technologically-sophisticated times so that busy, working families, handicapped individuals, those who are away, and those who are civically engaged but have conflicting meetings can all participate in our town democracy. This means making meetings available by video and/or audio and then posting the recording so they can be viewed as time permits.

Articles 51 and 52 modernize observation of all boards and committees subject to the Open Meeting Law, whether at the time of the meeting or afterwards.

Please support these articles and let our Select Board and all in town government know that we expect them to make good information and accessibility a priority for all citizens. This will go a long way towards increasing awareness so that we can come together to solve emerging issues before they become crises, such as the one we confront now in our town finances.


Lynn Nadeau