The Task Force Against Discrimation welcomes your help

Marblehead’s Abbot Hall. Photo by Spenser Hasak

A few weeks ago, an article appeared in this newspaper, Marblehead Weekly News, regarding Donation Accounts set up by various committees within the Town for citizens to make charitable contributions.
One of the committees mentioned was the Marblehead Task Force Against Discrimination (MTFAD) which was founded in 1989 by the Select Board after a series of hate crimes in our community.  For more than 30 years, the Task Force has provided programs combating bigotry and promoting respect while seeking to support those affected by discrimination in Marblehead.
As part of its ongoing efforts to raise awareness, the MTFAD requires funding to hold events and programs.  The showing of pertinent films, engaging speakers and holding a book read for middle schoolers have been recent events held. The Task Force collaborates each year with other community groups to financially support Pride Day, Indigenous Peoples Day and Juneteenth.
As the year 2022 draws to a close and prejudice relating to race, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity are at an all-time high, the MTFAD would like to ask residents to kindly make a contribution to the Marblehead Task Force Against Discrimination addressed to Marblehead Select Board, Abbot Hall, 188 Washington Street, Marblehead, MA.
You will be helping to ensure that our Town is a welcoming and inclusive community.
Diane Gora, co-chair
Helaine Hazlett, co-chair
Marblehead Task Force Against Discrimination