INTERVIEWED: Nina Stinson of Mookie’s at Mugford Cafe

LISTENING: I’m a country music fan – I just put it in Pandora for country stations.

WATCHING: Streaming on my phone — mostly YouTube videos. Cooking (any made-from-scratch videos), Comedy (Katt Williams and Kevin Hart, and dance-off videos — hip-hop routines, pop and reggae.

READING: My reading is to my two year old son. I am always reading to him. (His favorite book is “Bear on a Bike” by Stella Blackstone)

SOMETHING PEOPLE MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT YOU OR YOUR CAREER: I’ve been working in coffee over 15 years — all over the Boston area. I can make a bunch different designs in lattes. My favorite part of the business is being a barista.

Weekly Recommendations is a column created by Frances Roberts Hill, who selects one Marbleheader each week to interview for entertainment recommendations. Originally from Philadelphia, Frances has lived in Marblehead, where she met her husband and raised their son, for more than 40 years. She has a background in advertising and education, and has always loved to write.