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Yes, it’s her: Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” video features casket from Marblehead co-founder’s company

Taylor Swift lays in a casket in the music video for her song “Anti-Hero.” Titan Casket co-founder Scott Ginsberg of Marblehead identified it as one of his company’s. Photo by Still from "Anti-Hero" music video

Titan Casket co-founder Scott Ginsberg of Marblehead was surprised to learn that one of his company’s caskets was featured in Taylor Swift’s new music video for her song “Anti-Hero.”

Swift released her record-shattering 10th studio album, “Midnights,” on Oct. 21 at midnight. The video for the fan-favorite song, “Anti-Hero” was released shortly after. About two minutes into the music video, actors John Early, Mike Birbiglia, and Mary Elizabeth Ellis deliver a two-minute comedy sketch about Swift’s future funeral.

For the duration of the skit, Swift lays in a copper casket with gold details. Ginsberg identified it as Titan Casket’s Orion Series Copper Steel Coffin.

“My kids are huge Taylor Swift fans and now their dad is cool,” Ginsberg said. “My whole team was in shock. She’s probably in the top 10 of the most prominent people on the planet and she is in our casket.”

Ginsberg said in July this year, a production company called Titan Casket and requested the specific make and model used in the video. He said when Swift released the video, some of the company’s employees who are also fans of Swift reached out to Ginsberg to ask if the prop was indeed from Titan Casket.

“I looked at the video and I know my caskets,” Ginsberg said. “I was pretty sure it was ours. We called the production company and they confirmed.”

Taylor Swift shared a candid photo on Instagram with actors John Early, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, and Mike Birbiglia on the set of her new music video for “Anti-Hero.” (Taylor Swift)

The specific model used in Swift’s video can be purchased online and will run a consumer $1,199.00. Ginsberg said it is one of the company’s most popular and comes in a variety of different colors.

“We saw thousands of comments and likes about our company and our product on social media,” Titan Casket co-founder Josh Siegel said in a statement. “A lot of it came from the ‘Taylor Swift Style’ account, which finds items from Taylor’s videos and posts them. We had so many people reach out, even funeral directors.”

Ginsberg said while the company has received several related inquiries following the video’s release, sales have not skyrocketed.

“Even though people see it, it’s obviously not going to create an instant demand,” Ginsberg said. “What’s nice about the video is that it creates a lot more awareness that we sell caskets directly to the consumer.”

Ginsberg said production companies often purchase caskets from direct-to-consumer companies like Titan Casket rather than from funeral homes that raise prices in an attempt to make additional profit.

Ginsberg noted that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission is currently looking to bolster its “Funeral Rule,” which requires funeral directors to accept caskets purchased elsewhere for in-house funeral services.

“We try to not take an emotional loss and turn it into a financial loss,” Ginsberg said. “We love that this video appearance has happened because it helps create awareness that people have this option to save.”

Earlier this week, Swift also announced her highly anticipated return to the road with an “Eras Tour” scheduled to hit stadiums across the U.S. from March through August of next year, with international dates set to be revealed later.

The 2023 tour will take place almost five years after Swift last went on tour in 2018 for her album “reputation.” Verified fan ticket presale will begin on Nov. 15.

Watch Swift’s “Anti-Hero” video below: