LTE: School Committee has to explain what a fully

To the editor:

It’s time to buckle up boys and girls. I had mentioned on a few occasions that we had a few lawsuits coming down the road and here we go again. Ann Haskell, the former student service chair that was recently fired, has attained Attorney Neil Rossman. Ann Haskell, you chose well. Neil is one heck of a lawyer.

To the School Committee you lost your chance for an override. Yes, yes, I know it was the superintendent’s job to do the firing, but, as we have heard from our committee in the past, “we have no purview in some matters regarding school business.” I would like to hear under oath whether you had any discussions with the superintendent on the matter of Ms. Haskell’s firing. If so, then Theresa McGuinness didn’t see the bus coming. June will not come soon enough for her.

The committee may not be worrying because the insurance company will pay. Well, dear committee, we the taxpayers pay the premium and with so many lawsuits being racked up the insurance company could cancel.

Not too long ago, our former legal team separated from us. How long will it be that this law office will too?

With a jury trial being requested, this is one show I don’t want to miss!

School Committee member Alison Taylor, please remind us again how many people voted for you to be in the position to make the decisions you are making. But you always fail to ask the question how many of those voters regret that decision!

Note to the union and teachers:

Present your own budget. I am pretty sure that The Marblehead Reporter, The Marblehead Current, The Marblehead Weekly, The Daily Item, and perhaps The Boston Globe would be more than happy to publish it so the stakeholders of Marblehead can see what YOU need! This SC seems not able to explain to the public what a fully funded budget is.

Mary McCarristan