LTE: Vote Schaeffner and “yes” on Question 1

Photo by Sam Deeb

To the editor:


I have had the distinct honor of working with Jenn Schaeffner to advocate for our schools. Jenn always is honest, does her due diligence, asks questions, and never makes excuses.

While there have been topics I have debated with Jenn, I have always felt she listens to my point of view, is respectful in stating hers, and has the professionalism to not bring prejudice from previous discussions into what we are currently debating.

Jenn doesn’t assign value to a thought or statement according to who is offering it. Simply put, she puts principles before personality.

Jenn has always impressed me with her understanding of municipal finance and her commitment to public business. I am very confident that in casting my vote for Jenn Schaeffner I am supporting improving outcomes for our students.

I am also proudly voting “yes” on Question 1. In doing so I am confident I am supporting Marblehead. The effects of proposed cuts to public safety, public works, and the schools are profound.

The 33 school positions and programs that will be cut without the successful passage of Question 1 would negatively affect ALL of our students. Please join me in preventing the loss of two high school science teachers, the middle school librarian position, several special education staff, critical support staff, and freshman sports.

Please join me in voting Jenn Schaeffner for School Committee and “yes” on Question 1.



Sarah Fox