Observing our town government in action

Observation reports are submitted by Marblehead League of Women Voters members who have attended meetings of various town boards and commissions. Observers are solely responsible for accuracy of the information. Complete reports can be found on the LWV of Marblehead Website www.lwvmarblehead.org.

LWVM Observer: Steven A. Levy
Superintendent Reports:
Water:  The Annual Statistic Report submitted to the Mass Department of Environment (DEP) was reviewed.

Update on the Loring Ave Water main replacement: water main installation near completion; pressure testing to take place this week.  Large Rocks will be gathered for possible use in Town seawall restoration projects.

Sewer: Submitted Annual Collection Report to meet Co-Permittee requirements was reviewed. It was noted that two of the Sanitary Sewer Overflows were caused by grease. Discussion continued about the importance of more public education.

Admin:  Mechanic Pipefitter II position remains unfilled. Seven accounts are 270 days in arrears; notification of delinquency was completed.

A motion was made and approved to make the Massachusetts Water Authority (MWRA) May 2023 Loan Installment Payment.

Motions were made to approve the optional year extension of the following Multi-year Contracts:

  • Cold Water Smart Meters and Radio Read Modules for E.J. Prescott Contract option for year three.
  • Preventative Maintenance for Generators, Transfer Switches and Emergence Generator Rental for Scherbon Consolidated, Inc., Contract Option Year Three.
  • Contract for On-call Electrical Services for Marblehead Water and Sewer Commission Facilities for Jasco Electric, Inc., Contract Option Year 3.


Meter Disposal and Destruction: A motion was made and approved to declare 187 meters surplus and no longer needed. These meters have been in service for over 15 years.

Motions were made and approved for Fiscal Year 2024 final Water and Sewer Budgets:
Water Department salary, Water Department expense, Massachusetts Water Resource Authority, Sewer Department salary, Sewer Department expense, and South Essex Sewerage District .

A motion made and approved hire Andrew Bedrossian as Special Laborer I.

There was no Public Participation.

Next meeting will be May 1 at 6:30 to 7:00 pm before the Town Meeting.